Javier Pérez


The artwork of Javier Pérez is simple, creative and intriguing. Pérez is an art director and graphic illustrator from Ecuador who began posting a whimsical series of illustrations on Instagram- “simple ideas mix everyday objects with line drawings” (Pérez). His Instagram account “Cintascotch” introduces his “Intagram Experiments” that is meant to “[look] for new meaning of the common everyday items” (Pérez). The idea of changing the meaning and purpose of an object inspires me to view what is around me in new perspectives. His art encourages me to “look at these everyday things differently with a more imaginative and playful perspective” (LINEN).

Pérez keeps his work simple because he wants people to “take a break of the saturation of the photos in general” (Pérez). Surprisingly, he did not think that people would like his creations to such an extent. I am a fan and have been inspired to create my own illustrations using various objects around my house (see below). I have come to realize that this art-practice is a great exercise for the imagination, and is more difficult than it looks.

Pérez uploads a new art creation each week on Instagram. He states that “[t]he artists of Instagram have the challenge to capture the attention of the people only just for few seconds and show them that your artwork is unique and different from the rest” (Pérez). With 81,000 followers, it is clear that he has made heads turn with his innovative style.

I appreciate artists who capture my attention with minimalistic artworks. The creative use of random objects one would not normally see as art is clever and fun. It is difficult to fully explain why my eyes light up as soon as I look at his simple illustrations- perhaps because his idea is novel, surreal and unexpected.



Here are a few of my Pérez-inspired creations using an old guitar pick and guitar strings:


Check out similar artists Victor Nune (http://www.feeldesain.com/the-imaginative-faces-of-victor-nunes.html) and Debbie Ohi (http://debbieohi.com/portfolio/found-object-art/)





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