“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”- Wayne Dyer

I became interested in found object art for several reasons.
Here are ten:

1. I enjoy looking at objects in new perspectives.
2. I embrace creativity and the use of imagination.
3. I feel empowered whenever I find artistic uses for materials that could be thrown away.
4. Art supplies are expensive. When creating found object art, all I have to do is look around my house.
5. Ideas for creating this form of art are limitless.
6. I like to be organized, and repurposing items into art helps de-clutter.
7. When I look at art that has been created with discarded items, I wonder where they came from. I am intrigued by the unique origins, history and previous uses of materials.
8. Found art has not only encouraged me to transform objects into art, but repurpose and recycle items to have practical purposes, such as creating household items out of random materials that I would originally throw out.
9. Found object creations apply to the world outside of visual art, such as furniture, household items, clothes, jewellery and more. These all relate to the process of recycling.
10. We are reducing the amount of waste that we create through repurposing objects. I believe that encouraging this concept is important for our society. The creations are useful, we automatically recycle and money is not needed. I am attracted to this art form because I care about the environment. Transforming “trash” into something new will ultimately improve our economic circumstances.

In the future I would like to teach a unit based on found object art, to give students the opportunity to be creative and gain an interest in recycling. Overall, they will become aware of the positive impact repurposing has on our wasteful society.

The annual Pasco Art of Recycling Contest has caught my attention. Dozens of students from nine different high schools turn trash into art and enter this competition. The prize of 2,000$ is encouraging, yet the focus it to lend a “youthful voice to the importance of environmental stewardship” (Miller). If my students had the opportunity to enter a competition such as this, I would encourage and support them in transforming trash into artworks and becoming advocates for the environment.

These are a few found artworks created by students from the Pasco Art of Recycling Contest:

20140310-163731.jpg“Shoe Phone” by Mariah Viera was created with old cellphone parts.

20140310-163804.jpg“Sea Turtle” by first place winner Kaitlyn Brusik was created with soda cans.



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