“Adapt For Use in a Different Purpose”

While researching found object artists and creating art using discarded materials, I began to think more creatively and view items around my house in new perspectives. Before throwing something out that I would normally consider “trash”, I ask myself if it could be repurposed in a unique way.

Recently, I became inspired to transform old objects and materials into practical household items. The concept of found object art encourages me to recycle and refrain from being wasteful.

My boyfriend had several artworks that he was going to frame, which would have cost quite a bit of money. However, this week I suggested creating frames out of unused cardboard that was sitting in my basement. Together, we cut and painted the cardboard, followed by glue-gunning the artworks on. Being creative and saving money at the same time was an enjoyable experience. Throughout this process, we continued to discuss other repurposing ideas, such as using old keys and wood to create a key hanger. This will be our upcoming project.



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