Trevor Moran


Trevor Moran is a friend of mine and a local artist who creates incredible and unique abstract paintings. One of several areas that he has explored is found object art. When I asked him why he began transforming objects into art he responded with the following:

“I have always loved the concept of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. I decided to take that concept quite literally one day and painted a used pop can. It was nothing amazing but I loved the outcome. From there I began to constantly scout out things that I could use to make art. Being creative is not only my passion but an emotional outlet for me. I have dealt with anxiety issues throughout my life. Using found objects allows me to always have my “creative eyes” open, or in other words, always be searching for new ways I can make life a little more colourful. It’s sort of like I found a way to always be doing art even when I’m not “doing art”, and that’s very relieving for me” -Trevor Moran.

These words are inspiring. I am happy that Trevor has discovered this great talent and passion that he shares with others and uses as an emotional outlet. I believe that he has created a signature style with his abstract, whimsical and surreal characters.

Several artists that I have introduced share similar purposes for creating found object artworks. They enjoy the creativity it requires to give new meanings to objects that have outlived their original purposes. Found object art allows us to look at our surroundings in new perspectives, remain creative in our daily lives, refrain from being wasteful and as Trevor states, “make life a little more colourful” (Moran).






20140406-130151.jpgBesides found object art, Trevor creates a wide range of paintings that each consist of unique concepts and aesthetic qualities. To view more of Trevor’s amazing art, visit 13th Avenue Coffee House AND add him on Instagram: “@theteemo”.


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