About My Blog

In the past few years I have taken great interest in Found Object Art. Namely, artists who creatively transform the appearance and purpose of ordinary materials and objects into works of art. I am amazed with the creativity that arises from those who work with untraditional mediums/canvases and the talent and skills these artists possess.

I am excited when artists force me to view everyday objects in new perspectives. This form of art-making has inspired my newly-found enjoyment in creating art with odd and unconventional materials, as it reminds me that the imagination is limitless and there is potential art everywhere.

My blog will focus on transformation- through introducing unique found object artists, especially those who use discarded materials. These artists give life and purpose to objects that could be viewed as trash. They encourage me to view items that surround me as serving other purposes after they have outlived their original use. As an aspiring visual art teacher (see “Who Am I?”), these artists give me several lesson ideas, which I will share throughout my blog.


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