Who Am I?

My name is Anna Pringle. I am a fourth year Arts Education student with a focus on visual art. As an aspiring art teacher, it is important that I research a wide variety of visual artists, styles and mediums to inspire ideas for lesson/unit plans. A few years ago I became interested in Found Object Art (see “About My Blog”), and one day hope to base a unit around this unique concept of transforming ordinary objects into art.

My own artistic style is yet to be defined. As university takes up a great deal of my life, I have not had time to discover my preferred artistic style/medium, nor have I created a solid portfolio. However, I appreciate all of the artistic opportunities given to me in university, as practicing a variety of art forms will help me discover the type of artist I want to become. So far, I have learned that I am most interested in using India ink, paint and photoshop for graphic illustrations, as well as creating artworks that blend realism with abstract.

Other joys in my life include spending time with family and friends, travelling, sports (volleyball, rock-climbing and running), playing music (piano and flute) and cooking.


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